The Nine Most Important Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Educational Entertainer For Your School Assemblies

If you are planning a school assembly of any kind in which you’ll need educational entertainment, this report is invaluable.  Take a minute to read it through.  You may want to make copies for the entire PTA.

Whether you are a teacher planning a class party, a PTA representative planning a school assembly or a parent planning a family fun night… how would you know who to hire for that event?  Do you know the qualifying questions to ask that entertainer?  The questions that will guarantee that he is a professional and not just a hobbyist?

A quality entertainer should address each of these topics during your conversation or meeting.  Ask any of these questions.  If you don’t receive an affirmative answer, that’s a tell tale sign that the entertainer you are dealing with is less than “top-notch”.  Here they are:

1.  Does the Entertainer Perform for Schools Regularly?  Some performers only perform for adults.  Some only for birthday party children.  Does your performer have ample experience performing for children that are the same age and grade level as the children in your school?

2.)  What Image Does the Performer Portray?  Let’s face it.  Kids these days will be a lot more attentive and receptive to someone they can relate to.  Can they relate to the guy in the 3 piece suit?  If the program is presented properly, maybe.  Do you want them to relate to the guy with all the tatoos and body piercings?  I realize that it’s popular right now, but I wouldn’t want my kids to look up to them as idols.  You want someone in between.  Someone that can relate to the kids, but doesn’t give off too rough of an image.

3.  Can the Performer Give You Testimonials from Other Educators at Other Schools?  Testimonials are simply what other people say about the performer, their thoughts on the performance if you will.  All good performers have good testimonials.  Ask for them.  If he or she is unable to produce any, that’s an indication that he/she is not a serious performer.  You should be able to find testimonials in any material the performer sends you or on their website or simply ask.

4.)  Does the Performer Have a Website?  Any good performer will have an adequate website.  Here’s some great ways to learn a little about the performer.  Is the text written in full sentences.   Are the words spelled correctly?  Do the pictures look exciting?  Is it written with some personality?  Does it have a Bio about the performer?  The website doesn’t have to look perfect.  Remember, you’re not hiring a website designer.  You just want a qualified educational entertainer.  Poke around.  You’ll be surprised at what you find.

5.)  Does the Performer Have Study Materials For Your Students and Teachers to Review After the Assembly?  Any good teacher should follow up on the core ideas of the assembly.  If the program is a no drug show, there should be a healthy lifestyle study guide.  If it’s about marine life, there should be a booklet available on the sea animals that were shown.

6.)  Does the Performer Have Promotional Material For Your School?  A good performer will give you promotional material that helps you promote your upcoming event.  You want the kids to be excited about the special visitor.  If it’s a family fun night, your event depends on promoting the entertainer.  This can be as simple as a good photo and a paragraph telling about the program, or as elaborate as a full sized poster promoting the event.  Make sure the entertainer gives you ample promotional material.

7).  Is the Performer that Offers the Lowest Price the One You Should Hire?  Maybe, maybe not.  Just because one performer offers a show for three hundred dollars and another offers a show for five hundred dollars, does not mean that you get a better deal with the cheaper entertainer.  There is a saying;  you get what you pay for.  By choosing the cheaper entertainer, that is exactly what you are getting, lower quality entertainment.  Someone who is probably less professional and less experienced.  It’s always better to pay a little more and be completely satisfied instead of paying less and being disappointed.  Do the research.

8.)  Does the Performer Entertain Full Time or Is It Only a Side Job?  This makes a huge difference.  The professional full-time entertainer has seen many different circumstances and has performed under many diverse conditions.  He/She will be ready for anything.  The part timer can be nervous and not able to respond to all your needs and the needs of your students.  You want a professional that  concentrates on performing and performing only.

9.)  Does the Performer Guarantee His or Her Program?  Most performers don’t guarantee what they do.  So if you get lousy service,  you’re stuck with it.  The main reason performers don’t guarantee their show is because they don’t think they can live up to the guarantee.  Any entertainer that guarantees his/her performance is a top-notch, quality entertainer, guaranteed!

By getting the answers to those questions you can now make an informed intelligent decision.

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