T-shirtThis sounds very simple, and it is.  And it can be a MONEY-MAKER for the school.

You’ve already figured out a great name for your Bully Prevention Student Crew.  Now, have them create a cool saying/logo to put on a T-shirt.  It can be the word “Bully” with a slash through it, or say “A Bully Free School Rules!” or some such saying.  They’ll be much more creative and hip (yes I said hip) than you or I.

Then, have T-shirts printed and have them available for sale.  You can even mark them up a bit for your troubles.

The more you remind your students of this subject, the bigger difference you’ll make.

Spreading the word and making a bit of money for your PTA.  Not a bad deal.

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
John Abramswww.AmazingSchoolAssemblies.com
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