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ThinkingIt’s my mission to reduce bullying at schools EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been giving these Bully Prevention Tips for a almost a year now.  And some schools are using as many  as possible.  They are dramatically reducing bullying at their schools.

Since some of you may have missed a blog or two, I thought I would summarize all of them here.  If you missed any, just click the link below and you’ll go right to the subject that you want.  Some are informational, and some are actually “To Do” type of things.  Each is designed to help you reduce bullying at your school.  Here ya go:

Yellow Ribbon Week – Good Intentions… Bad Idea For Schools

6 Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

Bullying… A Word That’s Way Overused

The Nine Most Important Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Educational Entertainer for Your School

6 More Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

Martial Arts and Bully Prevention

Can Role Playing Play a Role in Bully Prevention

For Dads Only (Ok. Moms can read this too)

John Abrams Exposes Anti-Bullying and Bully Prevention Assemblies for What They Are…

Dust Off Your School’s Bully Prevention Policy

Bullying Incident Report Form

Hot Spots

Getting Parents Involved

Getting Students Involved

Make A Movie

Bully Free Pledge


Getting Local Businesses to Sponsor Anything

Professional Posters and Banners

Slogan Contest

Creative Incentives

Make A Bully Prevention Poster Contest

Create Your Own Anti-Bully Bookmark

There ya go.  Over 20 different ways to help reduce bullying at your school.  Do one.  Do two.  Do as many as you can.  The more you do the more you’ll reduce bullying at your school!

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