Summary of all my posts – 2

Bully Prevention ThinkingIt’s my mission to reduce bullying at schools EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been giving these Bully Prevention Tips for a almost a year now.  And some schools are using as many  as possible.  They are dramatically reducing bullying at their schools.  The list below are the bully prevention tips I sent since my last summary.  Let’s call it “Summary of all my posts – 2”.

Since some of you may have missed a blog or two, I thought I would summarize all of them here.  If you missed any, just click the link below and you’ll go right to the subject that you want.  Some are informational, and some are actually “To Do” type of things.  Each is designed to help you reduce bullying at your school.  Here ya go:

Create Your Own Anti Bullying Calendar

Bully Awareness Games for Students

Read Bully Books to Your Students

School Assemblies and Hints to Help You With Your School Assemblies

Put It In The Curriculum

Caught With Good Character

Bully Free Flash Mob

Parenting Seminars on Bullying

21 Proven Techniques to Make Your Parenting Night A Success

Bully Prevention Computer Games

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