School Assemblies & Hints to Help Your Assemblies

There are two types of school assemblies. Assemblies run by students and/or staff and assemblies run by paid professional speakers. Both have their place and both are important.

AssembliesAssemblies run by students and staff
These include contests, rewards, incentive programs and more. They help to get everybody (Students, staff and faculty) working towards common goals. A school assembly can run 10 minutes or a full 60 minutes, according to your needs. They can be run by the principal, student council, or any other school “officials” that you deem appropriate.

There are a few keys that will make your school assembly a success.
Here they are in no particular order:

1.) Have the assembly the same time on the same day each week. This gets the students and staff used to showing up on-time and respecting the speakers.

2.) Get their attention! – I’ve seen many principals and PTA folks get frustrated because they can’t get 250 or 300 students’ attention. You need to get the students’ attention with a specific action that they are used to. Here are some examples that I’ve seen that work:
– Two fingers in the air (means peace)
– Clapping of the hands three times, then students copy clapping
– Speaker says a specific magic word (Speaker: “Heeeeeey Smith Elementary!” Students answer back “Heeeey Mr Jones”)
– Speaker makes a funny physical gesture (example: puts arms out).  Students copy gesture, speaker does another (example: thumbs on the chin), students copy.   Keep going until you have the attention of all the students. This is one of my favs.
– Have a saying or song that they do EVERY TIME to begin the assembly. This gets them all working in harmony and paying attention from the very start. This could be a school song, the pledge of allegiance, or even a school saying (Example: Smith Elementary Makes Good Kids!)

3.) Introduce something NEW every assembly. It doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering every time, but by introducing something new it gives the appearance that the school is constantly moving forward. And that the assemblies aren’t a waste of time for the students or the staff.

Paid Assembly Presenter
This is a great way to introduce or reinforce the subject of Bully Prevention in a way that the students and staff CAN’T.  A paid assembly presenter usually uses Magic, Juggling, or some other type of variety art to educate the students and staff on the subject. Students love them for two reasons. First, assemblies are fun. They introduce subjects in a fun way. Students look forward to them. And secondly, when students learn without even knowing it, the knowledge seems to stick. They’re not learning because of a test looming in the future. They’re learning and it’s fun!

“How can I tell if it’s going to be a good school assembly?”
A good school assembly is designed to be EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL and FUN. A good school assembly will have follow-up materials for the students and teachers. And a good school assembly will have a money back guarantee.

I have collected what I think are the very best Bully Prevention School assemblies in the country on my website at Bully Tools for Schools. Here’s the link:

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