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Susan Vlach – Principal – S.B. Junior Academy

“Enthusiastic, High Energy, A MODERN DAY WIZARD!”
Richard Irwin – Hacienda Heights Highlander

“INCREDIBLY FUN & EDUCATIONAL.  I would definitely recommend John Abrams for your school assembly!”
Margaret Scheib – Assembles – Ramona Elem

BG Point“John Abrams came to our school today to present “The Bully Game”- an entertaining, funny, original performance with a strong message that was understood by all grade levels (K-5).  John has great energy, a fantastic sense of humor and he puts his heart and soul into the program.  Everyone was laughing, clapping and participating- students and teachers alike.  The feedback was positive and enthusiastic- we will definitely be inviting John back on a regular basis and I look forward to spreading the word about his amazing school assemblies to my friends and other schools.  Thanks for a great day, John!”Amy Roche – PTA – Silver Spur Elementary

“A positive assembly that results in the EMPOWERMENT of HIGH SELF ESTEEM in our students! I was truly amazed!”
Jill Naylor – Principal – Stallings Elementary

“I used things from the assembly on the playground that very day!”
Kristi McKay – K teacher – Landell Elementary

“Your synergy is PHENOMENAL.  The best I’ve seen.
We had a blast.”
Tawnie Speer – PTA – Fanning Elementary

BG Tp“Baldy Mesa Elementary PTA found Mr Abrams sight on a search for bully free assemblies and we took a shot on booking him for our school of appx 1000 children Pre K through 5th Grade. It was one of the best moves we’ve made!! What an amazing assembly. We keep hearing kids share the important lessons that John taught them at the assembly. All of the grades were attentive, and engaged for the full 45 minutes. We’ve not seen this kind focus on an assembly in a very long time and NEVER for the amount of kids we now have. Our teachers keep talking about his assembly and are asking for him to come back as well. Assemblies can be disruptive and difficult for teachers and students and this one is far from that. We will definitely book him again for next year, and we’re going to look at the other assemblies he offers…..take a chance and book him for your school. You’ll be very happy you did!!”  – Christine Anderson –
Baldy Mesa Elementary PTA

“I watched John Abrams present an Anti-bullying assembly to a group of 400 Preschool through 2nd graders. They were totally engaged for the entire 45 minutes. He was dynamic, used great teaching hands-on strategies, and everyone seemed to have a great time. His positive crowd control was excellent. I highly recommend this company for your school assembly.” Cathy Fell – 2nd Grade Teacher – Baldy Mesa Elementary School

“This is the second time John Abrams is invited to our school to present The Bully Game Assembly. He is simply Amazing! The students are entertained with his high energy, music and magic and  at the same time learning against bullying. I cannot wait for him to come out again to present The Random Acts of Character Assembly. Thank you Mr. Abrams!”Monica Tafolla – Orange Grove Elementary – Whittier

“Every school should have this.  Fantastic!”
Annette Fuelling – PTA – La Canada Elementary

“The FLAIR of a game show host and the tricks of a magician!”
Glendale News

“Can’t beat the combo of
Patricia Lambert  – Principal – Minnie Gant Elem

“After a very long dry period of not having enough funds for a school assembly, the Castle Rock Community Club brought John Abram’s Bully Game Assembly to our school. 5 stars all the way!

We had 2 assemblies with pre-K through 5th grade. I stayed for both and couldn’t believe 1 person could keep such a large crowd captive, laughing and engaged. The little ones (4 yrs) all the way to the noon aides, lunch lady , principal and teachers. I found myself cheering, clapping and amazed too.
He changed the assembly slightly for the upper graders, had their attention the whole time. The magic tricks & games reinforces the core lessons. As an adult I had a hard time explaining to my kids the difference between “tattling” and “telling”, John’s assembly made it very easy for the children to understand. I loved the fact he gets the teachers to take part in the fun, students were going crazy seeing their teachers up on stage lending a hand. Some teachers came up to me later to let me know of John’s other assemblies so that we can get him back.

We also had scheduling snafus and little things that may have interrupted his show but he didn’t miss a beat and was able to comedically keep the show on track. He really fine tuned the art of positive crowd control which the staff really appreciated. Somehow he was able to excite the students in a laughing frenzy and send them off in a calm way all while helping the children say no to bullying!
This is the way to kick off or end a no bullying campaign at your school! It’s going to be by far the most powerful and efficient way to get the message across and more importantly , MAKE IT STICK!”
Cindy Yee , 1st VP Castle Rock Elementary

“Well-organized message, great interaction, fun format, simple and POWERFUL MESSAGES!”
Colleen Moore – 2nd grade teacher
Mr. Cline – 2nd gr teacher – Rolling Ridge Elem
“It was high-energy, kid friendly, and VERY INFORMATIVE!”
Erin Poe – 1st gr teacher – Oak Grove Elemen
“Teachers said it was the
Marylou Pennington – Principal – First Presbytarian
“High energy, good info!”
Brian Duffy – Principal – Julian Elementary
 They understood it.”
Keith Cody – 3rd Grade Teacher – Glenoaks

“I highly recommend John Abrams* Bully Game.  My teachers & my kids all loved the Bully Game and it strongly supports what we do.”
Paula Pitluk – Principal – Sunset Lane
and the teachers loved it as much as the kids did!”
Lindsay Causey – PTA – Bautista Creek
“Presented at kid level and had direct meaning to their daily lives – Loved the magic!”
Mrs. Tukino – 6th gr teacher – California Elem
 “One of the BEST ASSEMBLIES we have ever offered.
Linda Adamson – Principal – Hillsborough

“Highly enthusiastic and energetic assembly… GREAT FOR ALL AGES!”
Gayle Bastain – 1st Gr Teacher – Christ Lutheran
“I was personally amazed at how you could take the topic of bullying and present a fun, interactive and exciting assembly that kept the students engaged and laughing throughout.  THE TEACHERS RAVED ABOUT THE PROGRAM and kept asking how I found you!”
Natalie Benda – PTA Pres – Laguna Road Elem

“A great performance!  Kids and staff loved it!”
Joel Avina – Principal – S. Tamarind Ave School


“Very entertaining!  Kept the students interest the whole time!”
Geann Kimm – 4th gr teacher – Patriot Elem

“John Abrams puts on a fantastic assembly tackling the topic of bullying in a fun and energetic way with the Bully Game.  He engages the students with games and magic while covering topics such as taunting, gossiping and tattling.  A big thumbs up from Rancho Vista Elementary.”Julie McGovern – PTA – Rancho Vista Elementary

“Thank you thank you thank you John Abrams!!!  We had the Bully Game Assembly at Washington Elementary in Riverside and it was awesome.  Mr. Abrams was a true inspiration.  The students not only enjoyed the presentation but they all learned some very valuable lessons.”Kristy McDevitt – Washington Elementary – Riverside

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