Professional Posters and Banners

Sign 1When students, parents, teachers and faculty are constantly reminded of the messages of good behavior, they subconsciously, over time, behave better. It’s thought of as “expected behavior”. Over time students act accordingly.

Going To CollegeSome principals and teachers believe that this isn’t important and litters the walls of the schools. I disagree whole-heartedly! The schools that I have visited (and I visit about 250 elementary schools a year) that have professional posters and banners promoting Character Traits, Anti-Bullying and College Bound Messages are better organized, better run and in general have more well behaved students.

I’m not saying that it will solve all the discipline problems of the school. But I am saying that it CHANGES THE PERCEPTION of what’s expected at the school.

proudOk. Here’s what you do. Get together with your Bully Prevention team or student council (Click here if you don’t have one yet). Create a budget (remember, you can also get sponsors:  Click here to find out how). Purchase posters on-line and hang the posters. That’s it. Pretty simple. You can add more each year.

Conservation SignsHere’s a few quick ideas to get you started:

1 – Order ready-made posters from a reputable poster company
2 – Order downloadable designs and make your own banners
3 – Design your own with your School Slogan and put it on a banner.

Here are two excellent poster companies that can do the job:

Any way you go about it, the more the merrier. A constant reminder to students and staff that your school CARES about character and being kind will go a long long way.

Inspirational SignsI appreciate your comments.

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