Parenting Seminars on Bullying

 Ok. Maybe this is not for the students directly. But all students, staff and parents can benefit from a good parenting seminar. Since bullying really starts at home, getting the parents involved can help.

Parenting SeminarThere are many to choose from. Let’s start with the FREE ones. They may or may not be the best Parenting Seminars, but the price certainly is right.  And they’ll condition your parents to coming to the school on a regular basis.


– Contact your local police station. They usually have outreach police officers designated to talk to schools about bullying. Some even have officers that can talk to parents about Cyberbullying. Call and ask what they offer. Almost always free.

– Contact local hospitals near you. Most hospitals have health and safety awareness programs. Some offer free videos and actually have people that are assigned to come out to schools to talk about these issues. Almost always free.

– Contact your local Karate/Jiujitsu studio. Some have Bully Prevention seminars for both parents and students. They do it to promote their studio, so they are generally free.


These are generally more comprehensive because, or course, you get what you pay for. And generally paid speakers do not have an agenda of their own (other than bully prevention) and are not promoting a studio or their local hospital. The speaker can come to you live or on video.

Look at my own Bully Prevention Parenting Seminar by clicking here.

You want to make sure that the students and the parents are speaking the same language. So take notes or use the speaker’s follow-up material to present the information to the students in an easy to digest manner. You can do that at one of your morning assemblies.

Here’s what most Parenting Seminar Speakers WON’T TELL YOU:

The most difficult part of putting together any parenting seminar is getting people there. That’s the truth. For some reason, some parents will complain until they’re blue in the face that the staff and/or PTA/PTO of the school is doing nothing about bullying. And then, when you have a parenting seminar, they can’t seem to get off of their couch.

Ok. Knowing that, there are lots of great ways to encourage them to come.  I’ll discuss 21 of them with my next blog post.

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