Most Frequently Asked Questions about The Bully Game

of the #1 Bully Prevention Assembly In So Cal – The Bully Game

“What age is most appropriate for The Bully Game?”

The Bully Game is designed specifically for Elementary Schools. I understand that there is a need in middle and high schools, but I specialize so I can keep my thumb on the pulse of that specific age group. It’s my theory that “If you can teach them while they’re young, then they’ll carry those lessons with them throughout their school days and beyond.”

“Do you customize your assemblies for the different age groups (K-3rd and 4-6th)?”

Yes. Absolutely. The younger students get a faster paced assembly that focuses on verbal bullying as well as tattling and such. For the older students, we add in a Cyberbullying component. Very important for those older ones.

“You’ve already been to a my school. How do I treat this situation?”

I perform at about 200 schools each year. Chances are I probably have done The Bully Game at one or more of schools in your district. But that’s ok. I’ve created a follow-up to The Bully Game called The Bully Game 2 – The Sequel. It teaches students to respect each other a bit more. Same fun format, different tricks, different challenges, the same life changing effects.

“How long is each assembly?”

Each assembly lasts 45 minutes. And we’ll need 15 minutes in-between to reset.

“How many students can attend each assembly?”

That really is up to your schools’ principal. I would suggest splitting each school into at least two assemblies. That way we can separate the two age groups and customize each assembly accordingly. How many students can you fit in your cafeteria/MPR? 300 works. 350 works. Any time we get over about 400, it can get a bit squirely.

“How quickly will I know that the assembly is effective?”

Immediately! Students and staff will be using vocabulary from The Bully Game right after the assembly.

“I was surfing the net and noticed that you have more than one website. Is this true?”

Yes. If you’d like to get info on ALL OF MY ASSEMBLIES, take a look at
If you’d like to get info on JUST MY BULLY PREVENTION ASSEMBLIES, go to

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