Martial Arts and Bully Prevention

Karate kidMany children struggle with being different.  Different from their peers.  Different from their siblings.  Simply different.  And they can get made fun of and bullied because they are different.

Well, here is a simple solution that’ll help them with their own self respect and reduce bullying.

It’s Martial Arts.  Children that are involved in martial arts are bullied less.  Period.  Why?   There are a lot of reasons.  Children involved in martial arts, whether it’s karate, ju jitsu, or the now very popular MMA, carry themselves differently.  They feel better about themselves.   Bullying doesn’t bother them as much.  The bully can’t get “under their skin” as easily.  Therefore, the bully eventually gives up.

Also, word gets around the school that (your child’s name here) is a black belt in (fill in the martial art).  Kids are less likely to pick on a kid that can truly defend him or herself.  I do a parenting seminar on bully prevention.  At the seminar, there will occasionally be a few students in the audience.  Every time there are,  I ask “If you knew that that kid was a black belt in karate, would you pick on him/her?”  The answer is always “heck no!” or “no way!”.

By the way, many martial arts studios have what they call “Bully Prevention” seminars for schools.  Most of them are free because the studio gets the chance to sell their studio to the students.  Give your local martial arts studio a call.  It’s a great way for you to get a free assembly and for them to get more students and make more money.  Everybody wins.

Any martial art is a lot of work.  Work for the kid every day or a few days a week.  And work for the parent (getting him/her there and encouraging).  But if your child has issues with bullying.  Try martial arts.  It’s made a big difference for 1000’s of children.  It can make a difference for your child too.

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