Make A Movie

Believe it or not, with modern technology moving so quickly, most students and their families have video capability on their phones.  And many know how to do an easy edit.  And they LOVE doing it.

This is a great project for your Bully Prevention Crew (if you don’t have one yet, follow this link).Make A Movie

Here’s what you do:

  • Step #1 – Supervise your crew in writing a simple Bully Prevention Script:  Quick intro, a few scenarios, then a quick summary.
  • Step #2 – Cast students from the school in the video.
  • Step #3 – Students shoot the video.
  • Step #4 – Edit the video.  Make sure to create the credits.
  • Step #5 – Have your Student Crew present it in an assembly.

A very creative and effective project.  The students love doing it and seeing their friends in a movie.  And you’ll have it forever.

Super Cool!

Combine this with the other tips on this blog.  You’ll truly make a difference!

I appreciate your comments.

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