John Abrams Exposes Anti-Bully & Bully Prevention School Assemblies for What They Are…

Anti Bully AssemblyI’m gonna make a lot of enemies writing this.  But it’s worth it.  Here we go…

It seems like every single day Principals and PTA/PTO Presidents are getting a barrage of faxes, flyers, email and snail mail from all sorts of entertainers claiming to have “The Best” bully prevention or anti-bully school assembly.

Why was this NOT happening only a few short years ago?  Well, here’s what’s happened:  Right around 2008, bullying became “The Media Darling.”  That may sound a bit callous, but it’s the truth.  Television, radio, social media, newspapers (what’s left of them) and even podcasts began professing the evils of bullying.  And rightfully so!  IT’S A MAJOR EPIDEMIC!

In fact, in California, by law, each school must have at least two “Bullying” assemblies every year, either by the Principal or an outside source.  But there’s a problem.  Every entertainer with a creative bone in their body thought they could mix a little bit of “bully information” with their current show and, voila, have an Anti-Bully Show that makes TONS OF MONEY.  It became a Cash Cow for even mediocre entertainers!  Even folks that had never performed at a school before.  A school assembly on bullying equals money for entertainers!  Period.

Heck, most entertainers don’t even take the time to do the research involved in putting together a truly effective program with proven techniques to prevent or reduce bullying.  That just doesn’t cut the mustard!

I want to help.
Here are three little INDUSTRY INSIDER SECRETS to look out for

  1. Some add what they call an Anti-Bullying assembly as a bonus to their Family Fun Night.  Let’s face it, if the FFN is their specialty, can they really produce an effective assembly on bullying?
  2. Most entertainers simply think of a few incidents that happened to them or a friend and add it to their existing show.  They think they’ve done enough and then sell it to you.
  3. Many will even do the exact show they always do, and then at the end say something like “Ok kids, everybody be nice and no bullying!”  Is this really an anti-bully show?

Are these entertainers trying to trick you?  Of course not.  The entertainers that do this really do believe they’re doing the right thing.  They’re not mean people  They’re not TRYING to rip you off.  They just found a way to make some money with a little creativity, and bam, they figure everybody wins.

But anybody that’s hired these so-called anti-bully or bully prevention entertainers has paid dearly.

I want to make sure that you make an educated decision when it comes to your school’s Anti-Bully Assembly!

Ok, you’ve looked at all the ads, you’ve searched a million websites and you’ve asked all your friends AND the previous PTA/PTO president which assembly they think is best.  And you’ve gotten a multitude of answers.  Well, here’s an EASY GUIDE to help you figure out which bully prevention assembly is best for your school.  Here we go…

First, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Does the assembly have actual content?  What are the key points?
  • Does the entertainer have personal testimonials from other schools?
  • Does the assembly come with follow-up material for the students and staff?
  • Is the assembly fun?  (This may be obvious, but an un-fun assembly can be a nightmare.)
  • Does the assembly educate students and staff alike?
  • Does the assembly come with a money back guarantee?

Next, find out how long they’ve been doing their Anti-Bullying assembly.  Quite frankly, if they just jumped on the band wagon the last couple of years, then chance are, they haven’t done the research necessary to create a truly effective assembly.

Lastly, find out if the person doing the assembly makes their entire living performing and is not just a hobbyist.

Once you get the answers to these questions, you’ll quickly be able to tell the difference between the contenders and the pretenders.

“Why am I exposing all this inside information to you?”

I did it because I wanted (and still do want) to help children everywhere.  I wanted (and still do want) to use proven content, real techniques, and real life situations to make sure that your students really “get it”.  Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing from Principals and PTA members saying how disappointed they were with other entertainers that promised their own flavor of an anti-bullying assembly and didn’t deliver.

Let’s face it, each school (including yours) has a limited budget, and can only afford a certain number (if any) of assemblies.  You want to make those dollars count!  Every dollar you spend on bogus assemblies, could readily be spent on one’s that really do make a difference.

There are a few very good school assemblies in the Southern California Area. I suggest the following:

Middle School & High School Rachel’s Challenge – Highly emotional and very effective.  Expensive but worth every penny.  This is for schools that have great resources and are willing to use them to change the perception of many students.

Middle School & High School Cary Trivanovich – “Choose character over bullying.”  More affordable, very effective and highly entertaining.

Elementary School John Abrams presents The Bully Game – Ok, this one may be self serving, but  I’ve done the research and made an effective assembly that rocks.  Super fun.  Great content. Many personal testimonials from other schools.  Comes with all the follow-up material for students and staff and a 100% money back guarantee.  And Yes, I do make my entire living performing.

(…and your Principal will thank YOU for really making a difference!)

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
Southern California’s Top Elementary School Assembly Performer


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  1. Sharon Honning · April 24, 2014 Reply

    Wow, that took some…. to be authentic and tell the truth. All too often our kids are not getting the best in delivery, not only from entertainers, but also the curriculum itself. The kids are counting on the adults and those in “power” to get them the best possible education in every way. I’m grateful for your courage to STAND UP and to STAND OUT in a community that does not always come from the highest standards of integrity. I know that you are dedicated to truth, justice, and the American way (to borrow a cliche). Your basic guidelines are simple; and if heeded can lead to a much better result for the kids as well as the school. So how can we get the message out to more people?

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