Getting Students Involved

This has been proven VERY EFFECTIVE in elementary schools around the country.

Here’s what you do.

First, assign 3 or 4 students as a Bully Prevention Crew.   Have them name it something cool.  Maybe B-Crew-4-U or something the student body can relate to.  Student council members are great for this.

The crew will work together to create anti-bully campaigns and projects to present to and get other students involved with.

I want to keep these blogs short, so I won’t go into the projects on this one.  I’ll put links below as I write the blogs for the projects.

They’re all very cool and your students will love them AND respond.  So watch for any new blogs.

Here they are:

Make A Movie
Slogan Contest

Creative Incentives
Make a Poster Contest

I appreciate your comments.

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