Getting Parents Involved

 Last blog post, when we talked about covering those hot spots, I got a lot of folks calling saying that they don’t have additional staff to cover them.  I completely understand!  With budget cuts and all, it seems impossible.

Here’s the solution.

Ask for parent volunteers.  Request that parents volunteer 1 day per month to add additional eyes on campus.  If you have 500 students, that means you have at least 500 parents.  If only a few parents volunteer, you will have at least a few extra sets of eyes during the lunch and recess times.

You can advertise it in your school newsletter or email as part of your “Ongoing Bully Prevention Program”.  Continually ask throughout the year.  You will get response and it’ll help a lot.

Oh, by the way, if you like these tips, feel free in passing them on to a friend.

I appreciate your comments.

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