For Dads Only (Ok, Moms can read this too)

Father Son Anti-BullyingThere is ONE THING that you can do that almost guarantees a reduction of bullying at your school.

In all the travels I’ve done performing my Bully Prevention Assemblies, I’ve only seen this is in a few schools.  But the schools that have taken advantage of this idea have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Here it is:  DADS.  That’s it.

Every school has yard aids, teachers and other staff.  Most are women (at least in the thousands of schools I’ve visited).  And most do a great job.  But there is something about an ADULT MALE PRESENCE that changes the dynamic of the campus.  I’ve noticed that schools that use male teachers in their older grades have less discipline problems.  And it’s not because men are better at teaching than women.  In fact it’s probably the opposite.  BUT, a male presence creates a different type of atmosphere.  A more authoritative atmosphere.  Maybe it’s society.  Maybe it’s kids upbringing.  Not sure why, but Dads really do make a difference.

By posting Dads in the Bully Hot Spots or generally throughout the school, it will dramatically reduce bullying immediately.  They don’t even need to DO anything.  Just the idea that they are there, watching and reporting, will keep many students in check.

But how do you get the Dads to participate.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask Everywhere – Do you send home a newsletter?  Do you do email or voicemail blasts?  Ask for male volunteers with every communication.
  • Offer Homework Passes – For every day a Dad volunteers, their child(ren) get a free homework pass.  You can promote it as a day that the student won’t have to do homework, but WILL get to hang out with his Dad after school instead.
  • Have a “Father of the Year” Contest – Reward the Dad with the most hours with a special lunch or other prize donated by a local business.
  • Have a “Me and my Dad” Poster Contest – Have all the students make a small coloring sheet or poster about their Dad.  Then right afterward, request volunteers.  It’ll melt their heart.

Be creative.  I know you can think of lots of other ways to get Dads to help out.

Think about this.  If you have a school of 600 students.  And each Dad volunteers one day.  That’s more than one extra Dad body every single school day.  If they volunteer more, then that’s more of a benefit for your school.

By the way, Dads can be Grandpas, Uncles, Big Brothers and more.  Think out of the box.  The main thing is to get a large Male Presence on the campus.

Please send me methods you’ve used to change the dynamic of your school.

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
Southern California’s Top Elementary School Assembly Performer

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