Each Class Has Their Own Coat of Arms

Here’s a fun one for every single class in the school.  It’s lots of fun and each class gets to have a name.

Here’s what ya do….

Simply have the teacher name the class or have a “Name the Class” contest with all the students.  The winning name gets on a Coat of Arms for that class.  Then the class votes on (or the teacher picks) a symbol.  Combine the symbol with the name, put them on a cloth or some construction paper, and BAM, you got yourself a Coat of Arms.  You can hang it in the cafeteria or anywhere else you feel is appropriate in the school.  Here are some examples:

Image - School Coat of Arms 1 Image - School Coat of Arms 2 Image - School Coat of Arms 3 Image - School Coat of Arms 4 Image - School Coat of Arms 5 Image - School Coat of Arms 6

The students love it and it really gives each class an identity.

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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