Create Your Own Anti-Bullying Calendar

CalendarBully prevention should be a year round venture. So what’s better as a constant reminder of bully awareness than a calendar.

You’ve already had the your make a poster contest. It’s super easy to convert it to a calendar.

Here’s what you do…

Just take the top 12 (13 if you include the cover) winners, create a calendar on-line or send them to the printer and voila, you’ve got yourself a Bully Prevention Calendar. The teachers can hang them in their rooms, OR you can have them for sale for the students and parents.

You can also sell ad space to local business to sponsor calendars for the entire student body.

Prices can range from $4.00 (only on certain days of the year – look for black Friday deals) each to $25.00. Average seems to be about $20.00 each. Search, search, search! Contact the calendar company and see if you can negotiate a lower price for a bulk rate. After all, you’ll be ordering way more than one.

Your school can make some money.  Students, parents, and staff can all have a year-round reminder.  Everybody wins!

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Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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