Bully Awareness Week

Although the subject of Bully Prevention should be visited and re-visited all year long, a lot of schools put aside a specific week to promote Bully Prevention.  Some make it a Yellow Ribbon Week (originally reserved for prevention of teen suicide, but somehow morphed into the week of non-violence that somehow morphed into bully prevention week), some choose other colors.

Bully Awareness WeekThey have all sorts of activities that are “related” to bully prevention.  But this really is the perfect time to introduce your new Bully Prevention campaign or policy and get the students and staff working in the same direction.

Here’s a list of MANY activities that other schools have done.  The list should give you some ideas.

  1. Of course, the first is to have a great Bully Prevention Assembly.  There are others, but yes, The Bully Game is definitely the way to go here.
  2. Invite the Mayor of your city to speak at your school about bullying (great press).
  3. Be a Hero not a Zero day – Dress as your favorite hero.
  4. Bully Free and College Bound day – Wear your favorite college colors
  5. Be a Buddy not a Bully – Pair older students with younger students to read them simple bully prevention books (there are lots on www.amazon.com).  By the way, this creates an awesome bond with a lot of students and promotes harmony in the school.
  6. Short Story day – Have the students write and illustrate a short story about bullying.
  7. Anti-Bullying Graffiti Wall – Cover a wall with paper and let them go to town.  They love this one.
  8. Have each class list ways to be kind to each other.  Show the entire list at the end of the week on a big screen or display it in the cafeteria.
  9. Turn your back on bullying day – Wear your clothes backwards.
  10. Purchase and have the students wear Anti-Bullying wrist bands or other bully prevention items such as bandanas, ankle bracelets etc…
  11. Decorate your school with yellow ribbons (or whatever color you decide)
  12. If you have a chain link fence, place colored plastic cups in the fence to spell out your slogan.

These are just a few ideas.  You can brainstorm with your PTA/PTO, student council or Bully Prevention Student Crew.  Many minds is always better than one.

Get the Parents Involved – Make a list of each activity that your students will do each day and send it home to the parents.  The parents will help the students get ready for each day and they’ll look forward to it every year.  And, as an added bonus, the parents will know that you’re doing something special for the children.

****  Oh, one last little note on this.  I know a lot of schools do one specific week for bully prevention.  And then they put the subject on the shelf until next year.  Don’t let this be you!  Students should be reminded and the subject should be introduced and reinforced year round.  That’s the only way to make a real difference.

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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