Bully Awareness Games for Students

GamesHere are some cool classroom games you and your teachers can do with your students. Each should have a time for discussion. Have fun!

1.) The Apple GameTeaches that words hurt – This is done in a classroom setting or with a smaller group of children. Take an apple, hand it to the first student in line, have them say something mean (a bullying taunt) to the apple and drop it from about 2 feet in the air. Have him or her pick up the apple and pass it to the next child to do the same. Keep on doing it all the way down the line.

Then, take a second apple and pass it to the first student in line. Have him or her say nice things to the apple (building up, not putting down). Have him or her pass it to the next student who does the same, and so on.

Now, cut open each apple and see what they look like. Although both look the same on the outside, they are very different on the inside. Open discussion.

2.) Simon SaysTeaches that we all are different – Usually when you play Simon Says, you make a physical gesture then everybody copies. This one is a little different. Here’s how it works. You say “Simon Says” and then pick a physical or emotional trait. For example: “Simon says, everybody who likes pizza, put your hand on your head”. You keep naming traits and or emotions until you decide to stop. Open discussion on how “Everybody is different”.

3.) What should I do?Teaches what to do when an incident occurs – Make up a batch of cards with bullying scenarios that are age appropriate. For example: “Sally spilt juice all over the front of her dress” or “Three boys were guarding the bathroom”. Put them in a box. Have students pick them out randomly. Discuss what they would do. Figure out the best solutions.

4.) Essay WritingTeaches different solution to similar scenarios – Prompt your students with a wildly outrageous bullying prompt. For example: “If I had a million dollars to stop bullying, what would I do?” Or “If there was a giant on the playground, how would I stop him from bullying my friends?”. Have each student write a short essay on the subject. You can even have the younger students draw a picture if you like. Then read the more interesting ones out loud (anonymously of course). Discuss the differences in the solutions.

5.) Tower of PowerTeaches the power of working together – Have students bring in a square/rectangular cardboard carton. Have them paint/write anti-bullying slogans or things they can do to prevent bullying on each side. Glue them all together to make a giant Bully Prevention Tower. A tower of power! Discuss the power of working together.

6.) Friendship ChainTeaches kindness and teamwork – Have each student write a short phrase about what he or she can do to prevent bullying in the school. Cut them out. Glue them together in a circle. Connect all as you glue them to make a friendship chain.

7.) Positive Cool Kid ComplementsJust makes students feel GOOD – Have each student draw a picture of themselves on a piece of paper. Write their name on it. Now, pass the pictures around the class. Each student must write something POSITIVE on the paper about the person. Something that they like. Make sure to make this rule concrete! If they can’t say anything positive, pass the sheet on. At the end, pass it back to the original student. Students love to take these home to Mom and Dad.

Feel free in sending these to the teachers.  That way they can do them in the classroom.

I appreciate your comments.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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