Are Popluar Kids Bullied Just As Much As Less Populars?

PopularI just read an article in about bullying and the populars.  It was fascinating.  It suggested that children that are “on the rise” in the social stratus of any school actually get bullied MORE than those in the lower social stratus.

“We did find that students who are isolated do get bullied,” said Diane Felmlee, professor of sociology, Penn State. “However, for most students, the likelihood of being targeted by aggressive acts increases as a student becomes more popular, with the exception of those at the very top.”

In a study of students and their friendship networks in 19 North Carolina schools, the researchers found that the risk of being bullied drops dramatically only for the adolescents in the top five percent of the school’s social strata.

The article went on to say that kids that are more “popular” are often more deeply affected by bullying.  Because they’re not accustom to the ridicule, they take it harder.  They have a longer way to fall.    They suffer deeper depression, anxiety and drop in self esteem.  Children that are used to less attention and less of a social status, are more used to and therefore less affected.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about that previous ideal.  Hurt feelings are hurt feelings.  Sadness and depression is sadness and depression.  No matter what the social status, bullying should never be tolerated.

But I did find it interesting.

I appreciate your comments.

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