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Who is this Guy and Why Should We Book HIS School Assembly on Bullying?

BG - Daily Pilot 2011 001Who am I?

Hello!  My name is John Abrams.  I’ve traveled nationwide as a Magician, Actor and Emcee.  But after years of struggling to become “famous”, I finally found my passion in performing School Assemblies for Elementary Schools.  In 1998 I created Animal Magic, The Only Magic Show in Southern California With All Live Exotic Pets.  It was a huge success and I was performing about 250 shows a year.

Why not stop there?

Well, I would travel from school to school performing, but wasn’t feeling fulfilled.  Then, in 2005, after more than two thousand shows, I decided to branch out and actually ask (imagine that) what kind of “problem” I could solve for the teachers, principals and PTA folks that I was visiting.  The answer was unanimous.  It was BULLYING.  So, I read every book I could get a hold of, watched every video (VHS and DVDs back then) on the subject of bullying and bully prevention at schools.  Then, in 2006, with all the knowledge I’d acquired and ideas from my own children, I created THE BULLY GAME.  This was the first of my anti-bully assemblies.  It was a huge success!!  Now remember, this was BEFORE the big media hype on bullying.   It received rave reviews from newspapers, teachers, principals and students alike.

What else have I done?

Since then, I’ve created THE BULLY GAME 2 – THE SEQUEL (a terrific follow up to The Bully Game),  and THE BULLY PREVENTION PARENTING SEMINAR.  All are designed to reduce bullying at your school.  And they work.

Thanks to schools just like yours, I have followed my passion and have become one of the top assembly performers in the country.

For the entire indepth story of how I got into the Bully Prevention Business, CLICK HERE.


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