6 Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

This may not have anything to do with school assemblies, but it does have to do with bullying.

According to Victoria Dinatale of the Savannah Morning News, there are 7 signs that your child may be bullied.  I’ve listed six here that I’ve seen and agree with all of them.  In fact, I go over a lot of these in my parenting seminar.  But I thought it might be helpful to list them here.

Here they are:

  • 1.  Withdrawal – It’s natural, as they grow older, for children to separate from their parents.  But if you find that your child is withdrawing from daily family activities at a young age, you might have a problem.
  • 2.  Loss of Appetite – Chronic stress levels can lead to increased bursts of cortisol, the stress hormone, which may cause a decreased appetite.  If your child leaves his/her plate untouched, question if she is stressed about bullies.
  • 3.  Emotional outbursts – If your normally even tempered child is suddenly slamming doors, raising his/her voice, etc… have him/her write down the things that are a bother.  If bullying is listed, assure your child that there are solutions to the problem.  If it is bullying, make an appointment with the teacher immediately.
  • 4. Truancy – It’s simple.  If your child is afraid to go to school, eventually he/she won’t.  According to the Justice Department, 160,000 students skip school every day because they fear bullies.
  • 5.  Falling Grades – If your child is afraid for his/her safety, then chances are they aren’t listening in the classroom.  A slow progression of falling grades can be natural.  But a quick fall in grades is unnatural.  You need to find out what’s up.
  • 6.  Self Harm – According to a 2012 study published in the British Medical Journal, adolescents who were bullied in their early years are up to three times more likely to harm themselves than their peers. Do not underestimate how bullying may affect your child. If your child is harming himself or having suicidal thoughts, seek immediate help from a mental health professional. You may also seek help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK-(8255).

There ya go.  6 different signs for you to look for.

Good luck and be safe.Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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