6 More Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

Here are six MORE signs that your child may be getting bullied.  These are directly from my very own Bully Prevention Parenting Seminar.   If you notice that your child does one or two of these occasionally, then no problem.  But if you notice a pattern of behaviour, then there might be a problem.   Post these, along with my previous blog somewhere you can see them.  That way you’ll know.  Here ya go…

  1. They make a beeline to the bathroom – It’s the easiest place to be a bully.  Generally there’s no staff and the bully or bullies can gang up on the victim.  I’ve had students come to me after The Bully Game assembly and say “So and so stands in front of the bathroom door and charges kids a dollar just to get in”.  Other’s say they’ve been victims in the bathroom because there are no teachers there.  If your child is bullied once (or more) in the bathroom, he or she may never use the school bathrooms again.
  2. Is taking parents money with lame excuses for it – When I ask students during The Bully Game “What is bullying?”  Many times the students respond with “Taking another kids lunch money!”  As we saw above and here, it’s very possible that a child is being ‘shaken down’ for cash.  If you find money missing from your purse or wallet, or your child is asking for money for no good reason, you may have a problem.
  3. Is sad, sullen, angry or scared after receiving a text or checking their computer – Let’s face it, we are in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Texting etc…  Many kids 3rd grade and over have smart phones.  Some earlier.  Keep an eye on their mood.  If you find that they check their phone or computer, and then immediately afterward have a dramatic change in mood, chance are that they read something about themselves or a friend.  Something that they can’t tell you but affects them deeply.
  4. Has panic attacks, stomach aches, can’t sleep or sleeps too much – Every person carries their stress in a different part of their body.  Some in the back of their neck, some in their stomach, some react with panic attacks.  If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, and you’ve figured out that there is really nothing physically wrong with them, they may be trying to deal with their own stress in their own way.
  5. Takes an unusual route to school – I know that many children get rides from their parents.  But some still walk and/or ride their bike to school.  If your child is bullied going to or from school, chances are they will take a separate route home so they don’t run into the kids that bullied them.
  6. Suffers a quick and dramatic drop in grades – If your child is being bullied in the classroom (it can happen very quickly while the teacher is looking the other way), then he/she is not paying attention in class.  This can lead to him/her going from an A to a B to a C and worse.

There ya go.  Six more signs to sink your teeth into.  Keep an eye out.  If you do see a pattern of any of these signs, bring them up with the teacher or principal.  Make a plan to see what’s really going on.

Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!Dedicated to reducing bullying at your school!
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